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Bienvenido a la mayor red profesional del sector sanitario

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14 de octubre de 2014 | McKinsey&Company

Insights from an international survey to help healthcare organizations plan their next moves in the journey toward full digitization. McKinsey's research revealed surprising and actionable insights about what patients really want, which can in turn inform how healthcare organizations begin their digital patient-enablement journey.

Players in the healthcare industry were relatively successful at—and benefited from—the first and second waves of IT adoption. But they struggled to successfully manage the myriad stakeholders, regulations, and privacy concerns required to build a fully integrated healthcare IT system. Now that patients around the world have grown more comfortable using digital networks and services, even for complex and sensitive issues such as healthcarewe, McKinsey believes the time has come for healthcare systems, payors, and providers to go “all in” on their digital strategies. The question is, where should they start?

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